Saturday, January 26, 2013

Venn Diagram Fun!

In our classroom we have been creating many Venn Diagrams, and we have also been getting creative in the process.  The 2nd graders recently conducted a survey asking adults around the school about their preferences of cats or dogs.  Dogs were the clear cut winner!  It was fun for them to take their clipboards out of the classroom and to seek out their answers from teachers, principals, and even the superintendent!

I then decided to combine a math lesson in which 2nd graders were to work with Venn Diagrams and 1st graders were to practice making tally marks.  Using hula hoops, we made Venn Diagrams on the floor.  The students had to place their names on each of the 3 Venn Diagrams, and then each student went around to "analyze the data" writing down the results using both numbers and tally marks.

At the end of the week for a Social Studies unit on Minnesota we again used a Venn Diagram.  Except this time we made a human Venn Diagram.  As we were learning about Minnesota's state muffin, drink, apple, and mushroom, we placed our bodies on a large Venn Diagram taped to the floor.  We found that many students like both blueberry muffins and milk.  We hardly had enough room for all those students in the middle of that graph.  We also learned that not many students like mushrooms, and we ended up with many students outside of that diagram showing that they liked neither the morel mushroom or the honey crisp apple.

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  1. These kids are very creative in the sense of designing their own diagrams. These types of things should be practiced inside he class room.